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Ukraine increased exports of rapeseed oil
In 2015/16 Ukraine increased its exports of canola oil until 154,9 thousand tons (+38%), and rapeseed meal by 32% up to 170,0 thousand tons, according to a leading expert in the oilseed market Agency UkrAgroConsult Julia Garkavenko
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According to her, this season the share of processed culture in the total harvest has reached 20.2 per cent, providing additional reserves for Ukrainian products access to new markets.

Specialist UkrAgroConsult notes that the main consumers of rapeseed meal are traditionally the EU countries, they account for more than 50% of total exports.

"Record levels in 2015/16 has been achieved not only by increasing the supplies to the traditional consumers such as Spain, Lithuania and Israel, but also by new markets – Italy, Turkey and Cyprus. Geography of rapeseed oil exports over the past three seasons has expanded to the East. If last season the main, if not the only direction of export of rapeseed oil from Ukraine was the EU, then among the leaders already solidly China with an export share of over 26%, India 8.7% and Malaysia was 2.8%. Moreover, the EU increased its involvement in the export of Ukrainian rapeseed oil in 47% to 82 thousand tons", — said Yulia Garkavenko.

She noted that among the major changes in the geography of export of rapeseed compared to last season, it is necessary to highlight a slight decrease of supply in the EU, the reduction of exports to two or more times in Pakistan and the UAE in favor of increasing trade flows to Bangladesh and Israel.

"There are a number of States, the supply of rapeseed in which rid is Vietnam, Libya, Bulgaria, Latvia, China, etc. At the same time opened new markets: Indonesia, USA, Lebanon and some EU countries. More than 97% of the total exported in 2015/16 rapeseed left in the EU, Pakistan, UAE, Bangladesh and Israel", — concluded the expert.

Recall that in 2015 Ukraine produced 2.6 percent of the global volume of rapeseed that was 1.7 million tonnes.

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