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In China, a ban on the production of grain GMO
The government of the Chinese province of Heilongjiang, a major grain producer in the country, bans the production of certain GM crops, particularly maize, rice and soybean, reported IA "APK-inform referring to the publication of "Global Times
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According to regulation, which will enter into force on may 1, 2017, it prohibits the production and sale of GM crops and their seed material. In addition, the prohibition also extends to the production, processing, sale and import of any food products containing GMOs.

As said the representatives of local authorities, research and development of transgenic technology will be held in the future, however, their use in crop production has to be very careful.

It is worth noting also that the producers of soybeans and corn in Heilongjiang province are currently experiencing significant competition from cheaper imported GM products, purchased in the States of North and South America. Thus, the cultivation of crops without GMO content can become for them a significant advantage after the entry into force of the above prohibition.

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