The price of gasoline and diesel, 26.12.16

The Russian fuel market. Daily review. 26 Dec 2016
27 December 2016

The volume of transactions of gasoline today, it is not a record. The impression that new year intensity of activity was. Come the inertia phase. Transaction prices heterogeneous refinery. Fourteen of the seventeen refineries, the transaction prices either remained at the previous values, or adjusted downward. Only three refineries showed an increase of the Yaroslavl, Omsk, Surgut.


Returning to the actual topic, and how may increase the price of gasoline in 2017, and no wonder traders are accumulating stocks at the tank farms in anticipation of their growth, it should be noted that between the netback and domestic prices achieved balance, and in January 2017 he is unlikely to change.

But gasoline consumption in Russia, traditionally comes to a minimum for the year values. Besides oil prices, despite the high value is around $55, again, the seasonal factor sliding down. Both of these factors do not have to think about the fact that gasoline will rise in price.


Diesel fuel.


The actual winter there are two varieties – winter and pre-season. Prices for transactions with off-season varieties are almost merged with the parity on summer fuel, and therefore the potential of recession or growth is zero. Midnine oscillations around 34 000 R/tn on a Territorial index will continue in January.


Winter classes is clearly overrated. In January 2017 the price with current values of about 41 000 R/t slide to 38 000 - 37 000 R/t. This prediction follows from the statistics of previous years, and how will actually know only the fuel producers, because they have power to occupancy of the market with fuel, and Santa Claus.



Итоги торгов Российский топливный рынок. Ежедневный обзор. 26 декабря 2016 г.

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