The price of gasoline and diesel, 28.12.16

The Russian fuel market. Daily review. 28 Dec 2016
29 December 2016

According to the fuel service "Algorithm", section petroleum yesterday completed its work this year. Auction of natural gas continues. Today closed customer orders for the supply of gas on December 30 and the subsequent nine public holidays until 8 Jan. And tomorrow and on December 30 of the strip section will allocate resources for the supply of gas in the first post-holiday days – on 9 and 10 January.

Trading today has puzzled many, if not all. Suddenly in the first seconds of the auction flew deals on Singapore with a price of 2 595 R/thousand cubic, against the established in the previous days prices 2 880 R/thousand cubic meters. Traders do not believe my eyes. What happened? Who is allowed? And only when commercial bids from the traders, the seller closed on 2 900 - 2 920 R/thousand cubic meters in excess of 20-40 p/thousand, and trading of gas was finished, there were conjecture, speculation, hypothesis. One of them quite plausible - purchased volumes on Vyngapurovskoye, the COP will go to the Crimea with mainland Russia entered yesterday into the action of the gas pipeline Taman-Crimea. If so, then in the Crimea will be daily to do the exchange gas in the amount of 4.2 million cubic meters.

Puzzled plans stock sales in January 2017. Usually the table of minimum volumes of oil to be sold on the stock exchange prepares and publishes stock exchange before the beginning of next month. Currently such tables are not yet available. Nevertheless, separate, disparate information submitted by the oil companies, we managed to reduce them to a common table.

Almost all refineries reduce in varying degrees, production of petroleum products. The production of gasoline of all varieties will be reduced compared to December by 9%, diesel fuel by 16%. Jet fuel us left out of the equation. The reduced production of fuel oil by 10% indicates that the reduction will affect not only the individual fuels, but primary processing. The reasons are clear - the oil companies are not ready to work at the warehouse. However, this pattern is not news. If we turn to the same the task-plan for January 2016, we will see similar performance:

- gasoline – 290,6 thousand tons,

diesel fuel 230,9 thousand tons,

- oil – 68 thousand tons.

In leaders of decrease in output of gasoline, as expected – the Moscow refinery. Its power for gasoline will be reduced from the usual 250 thousand up to 90 thousand tons per month. The remaining refineries reduce the output slightly, and Salavat NOSE after the repair leaves on designed capacity – 50 thousand tons per month.




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