The price of gasoline and diesel, 29.12.16

The Russian fuel market. Daily review. 29 Dec 2016
30 December 2016

Information on fuel services "Algorithm", just a section of oil products implemented in 2016, 17 million tons of oil products, which is 7% higher than the turnover of the previous year. The activity of participants grows more rapidly. In 2016 совершено121 thousand, 20 thousand more in 2015. In 2017, we are likely to see turnover. But small, in the range of 18 million tons. Of the market are vanishing independent of the network stations. "Scissors" between retail and wholesale prices cut out from the market independent of the network stations, because they create the exchange environment. Here's the news of the day, "Gazprom oil" will buy 15 filling stations "Phoenix petroleum" in the Perm region, reports TASS. It is not a good life, the merchants of the retail market away from it. It ceases to be profitable. Independent retail chain shrinks like shagreen leather. It will take time, and independent filling stations in the country will be left entirely. Then exchange as a tool of the market, due to his absence, will die.

In the context of individual types of petroleum products dynamics of sales is not uniform. Petrol is the most popular position, its share in the stock turnover is 42%, in second place –diesel fuel, its share is 33%, the remaining 20% split between heavy fuel oil 9% and aviation kerosene -11%.

The positive dynamics of trade with gasoline due to the natural growth of consumption and renewal of the fleet of the country. The growth of transactions with diesel fuel can be explained, on the one hand, improving the economic climate after a disastrous 2015, and with another - the replacement of the surrogates, called "marine fuel", "stove", "gas oil", commodity diesel after 2016 middle distillates was introduced, the excise tax rate for diesel - 5800 R/t. Railway statistics show that in 2016 the domestic market of the unloaded diesel surrogates only 290 thousand tons, against 720 thousand tons a year earlier. This is the effect of the excise burden on middle distillates.

Average prices of stock exchange transactions showed an increase of about 8% only for gasoline. The price of diesel fuel sank down about 1%, jet fuel fell by 8%, fuel oil 14%.


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