The price of gasoline and diesel, 10.07.17

The Russian fuel market. Daily review. 10 Jan 2017
11 January 2017


The first thing to consider, traders and direct consumers of fuel – the rates of railway tariffs for domestic transportation of petroleum products from January 1, increased by 6%. In absolute terms the premium is small. So, the cost of transportation of fuel from the Moscow oil refinery (article Yanichkin) or Ryazan refinery (article Stankina 2) to suburban depots increases of 60 R/t, from the Yaroslavl refinery – 73 R/t.






Trading on the stock exchange took place in the trend marked yesterday. Gasoline the heterogeneous behavior of prices at the refinery as a whole exhibit fluctuations around a well-established at the end of December levels. Regional base already filled with goods to the eyeballs, moreover, expect previously purchased on the exchange, but not yet shipped goods.

It takes time to the situation of excess storage resorbed and only then, presumably closer to the twentieth of January, will start to revive the gasoline market, and with it stock prices.


Diesel fuel is already more expensive. Energy growth is fueled by high export alternative, approximately 37 000 R/tn. Because the growth of domestic prices for summer and off-season varieties of order 2 500 - 3 000 R/t will continue in the foreseeable future. As well as will continue to decline in the prices for winter diesel classes with the current 40 000 - 41 000 R/t to 37 000 R/tn.


Kerosene and heating oil becoming more expensive for the same reasons, and diesel fuel.

Итоги торгов Российский топливный рынок. Ежедневный обзор. 10 января 2017 г.

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