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"Bryanskselmash" entered into an agreement with the government of the Udmurt Republic
In Izhevsk on 1 February the General Director of ZAO SP "Bryanskselmash" Valery Saleev and Head of Udmurtia Alexander Solovyev signed a cooperation agreement
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Official document provides for the supply of equipment "Bryanskselmash" with a discount of 10 percent, as well as cooperation in the development of educational institutions.

"Bryanskselmash" well established among the agricultural producers of the Udmurt Republic first of all, competitive price, good quality and convenient for the operators conditions of warranty and service maintenance, as well as simplicity of equipment and its reliability. I am sure that our cooperation will be as useful and beneficial to both parties, as in the previous years", — said Alexander Soloviev.

The head stressed that the new equipment will help farmers in the region to increase food supply and the entry into circulation of the abandoned fields. This will contribute to the implementation of the strategic national project is the production of a million tons of milk.

Another important point of agreement is the joint development of agricultural educational institutions.

"We plan to open new classrooms in the agricultural colleges of the Udmurt Republic: Asanovskogo and Glazov — said General Director of the enterprise Valery Saleev. — Continue cooperation with Jigsha".

"Bryanskselmash" will not only make classrooms relevant attributes, but also provide educational materials and equipment, which will be able to meet students and pass on her learning. In addition, the company will supply teaching models of basic parts and components, so students can understand how and how the combine, how is the technological process of cleaning.

"It's great that the guys already at the training stage will get its first experience on the technique, which now employs our farmers"
, — said Alexander Soloviev.

Organization learning is not limited only to cooperation with educational institutions. On the basis of the dealership functions in the region, a training class where the training of machine operators and maintenance services.

ZAO SP "Bryanskselmash" more than ten years collaborating with others. During this time the farmers of the Udmurt Republic from Bryansk has delivered more than 450 self-propelled combines (210 253 grain and forage). The plans for this year – the acquisition of 45 units of special equipment.

About the company:

Principal activities of "Bryanskselmash" – production and sale of agricultural machinery and spare parts, as well as warranty and service maintenance of its products. The company is build 7 models of harvesters, which have been tested on machine-stations recommended for production and have all necessary certificates in accordance with the regulations of the Russian Federation.


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