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The global acreage under GM crops rose to a record 185,1 million hectares
According to the International service for the monitoring of the application of agrobiotechnology (ISAAA), in 2016. the global acreage under GM crops increased to a record 185,1 million hectares
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Acreage under genetically modified crops has grown continuously since the issuance of the first permits for the cultivation in 1996. 2014. In 2015. she first declined and made 179,7 million hectares, 1.8 million hectares less than in 2014. The reason for reducing the areas of steel low prices for agricultural products.

Last year the area under GMOs increased by 3% mainly to USA (+3%) and Brazil (+11%). In Argentina it was reduced to 3%, mainly due to the reduction of sown area of soybeans in favor of corn and sunflower. Low cotton prices and its large reserves has led to a reduction of the area under GMOs in China by 24%.

Now GMOs are grown in 26 countries. The major GM crops are: soybean (50% of global area), corn, cotton and canola.

World leaders in the production of GMOs are the US (72.9 million ha in 2016.), Brazil (49.1 million hectares), Argentina (23.8 million hectares), Canada (11.6 million hectares) and India (10.8 million hectares).

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