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The price of gasoline and diesel, 07.08.17
The Russian fuel market. Daily review. 07 Aug 2017
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According to the fuel service "Algorithm", trading on the SPIMEX in motion not only from rising oil prices, but due to an accident that occurred on 29 August at Europe's largest refinery, "Pernis", located in Rotterdam. The capacity of the plant is 400 thousand barrels/day. approximately two Moscow refinery. About the causes of the accident come to different messages – or a fire at the substation, or a leak. The plant managers of the Shell company, which owns the refinery, will complete the repair and restore processing until mid-August. This post dispersed prices on a whole range of petroleum products on European exchanges. Netback of gasoline last week jumped over the five trading days up to 1 860 R/t (+4%), diesel fuel – 1 470 R/t (+4%), fuel oil – 800 R/t (+7%).

Today, the rise in oil prices has stopped, traders were waiting for news from the representatives of the monitoring Committee "OPEC+", gathered in Abu Dhabi for the next summing up of the Agreement to freeze production in the first half of 2017 By the time of writing, a barrel traded on the London exchange ICE the price of $51,8 per barrel, what should be understood as a lack of news.

Trading on the SPIMEX in the segment of gasoline has not responded to the rise of the netback. High-octane Ai95 stuck at 43 000 R/tn on a territorial index EVR and will probably try to hold this plank. Gasoline Ai92 all of July and first week of August showed sluggish unsustainable growth trend. The previous week, the rise was 450 R/t to 41 700 R/t. With equal probability Ai92 can either continue weak intermittent growth, or to revert to the level of 41 000 R/tn.

Transaction prices with diesel fuel continue to move upwards, trying to reach netback. And that, in turn, can start a counter-movement as soon as the Shell will report the completion of repairs at the refinery "Pernis".

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