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The price of gasoline and diesel, 08.08.17
The Russian fuel market. Daily review. 08 Aug 2017
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According to the fuel service "Algorithm", the second day of the meeting of the monitoring Committee in Abu Dhabi did not bring spectacular news. Behind closed doors with the representatives of Iraq, UAE, Kazakhstan and Malaysia alternately the reasons of default of the accepted 30 November 2016 quota to limit production countries-participants of the agreement.

Revived some confusion oil traders, the news that Saudi Arabia on the first of September will reduce supply of oil to Asia. Oil futures in the moment has risen to $52.7 per barrel, but the height is not kept, for three hours tori slid to the levels of the beginning of the day – $52,2/bbl.

Significantly collapsed the export parity price, which is probably due to positive news about the restoration of a refinery "Pernis" after a recent crash on it. Netback for diesel fuel from the Yaroslavl refinery supply in North West Europe via Primorsk fell by 940 R/t to 37 720 R/t, on gasoline Ai95 – to 44 460 (660 minus) R/t, fuel oil – up to 11 870 (minus 470) R/t.


Transactions with gasoline wore a chaotic ad-hoc. Of the nineteen seven refineries – Samara, Saratov, Ufa, Ryazan – showed an increase on average of 220 R/t, three refinery, Angarsk, Omsk, Surgut – the decline of an average of 530 R/t. However, the same lack of system was apparent at the auction the previous day.

Diesel fuel rose in price by half traded bases. The most active on the Saratov – plus 450 R/t, Samara – plus 390 R/t. The average rise amounted to about 140 R/t.

By the way, Samara, and Saratov, the closest and most convenient bases for the supply of fuel to the Crimea, where the situation in recent days, the shortage of fuel. This is due to the stormy weather and the interruptions in the ferry, and with a high load on the mains due to the subsequent Peninsula 37-degree heat. Crimea is not enough electric power at all at full power refrigerators and air conditioners. The Peninsula on the night of 7 to 8 August moved to schedule rolling blackouts of electricity. Against this background, mobile generators, stocked at the time of the Ukrainian period, it dried very quickly the local gas station.

From the latest news in the Crimea in the next few days will be deployed 4 mobile gas turbine power plants (MGTS), with a total capacity of 88 MW, which will cover the deficit of electricity in the Peninsula up to the introduction of Sevastopol and Simferopol TPP, the construction of which will be completed in 2017-2018 and will give Crimea a further 470 MW each.

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