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The Ministry of agriculture: flour exports could grow 5 times in 2024
On March 29 the Director of the Department of food and processing industry Eugene Akhpashev and Director of the information policy Department and special projects Dmitry Krasnov held selector meeting with heads of regional agro-industrial complex, the largest milling enterprises and companies, industry unions and associations
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The main theme of the meeting was to evaluate the export potential of the milling industry and ways of its development.

"Today exports are the growth driver of agriculture. In the light of ambitious targets for increasing exports of agricultural products from 20.7 billion in 2017 to 45 billion in 2024-mu set before us by the Minister of agriculture Alexander Tkachev, it is necessary to create a road map for achieving them", - said Dmitry Krasnov.

Eugene Akhpashev said that about 20 Russian companies provide more than 80% of flour exports, they must become the locomotives of growth, adjusting the volume, shape and direction of measures of state support are necessary today in the industry to increase capacity to the indicative metrics. According to the forecast, exports of flour has the potential to grow in 2024, five times – up to 1 million tons instead of the current 0.2 million.

The meeting discussed the logistics of the export of grain and finished products, expanding the geography of supply, the search and evaluation of potential partners, the need for a flexible state support of milling and groats industry.

Following the discussion, the relevant departments of the Ministry of agriculture will assess the volume of needs of the industry in state support of investment projects in order to increase the level and international competitiveness of the milling industry.

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