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"Sovekon": the offer of grain in the South fell due to jumps in the currency market
The devaluation of the ruble was not the best service to exporters. The rapid depreciation of the ruble against the dollar, which on Wednesday reached 65, compared with 58 the closing of the previous week, led to a massive halt sales of agricultural producers, as well as the refusal to perform part of the contracts
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This, coupled with probably a significant amount of concluded export contracts, has forced traders in the ports to aggressively raise prices. The result has been a rapid increase in purchase prices. According to the monitoring of "Sovekon", in the middle of last week the maximum price for wheat of 12.5% increased to 11800 against 10400-10700 RUB/ton a week earlier, corn – 11000 vs 9700-10300 rubles/ton (CPT deepwater ports).

By the end of the week amid strengthening of the ruble buyers in the ports have been actively lower prices. The maximum level of prices for wheat of 12.5% dropped to 11200-11400 RUB/t. However, the rapid growth earlier, which showed the low supply of many buyers under the grain approaching the court is likely to play for them bad service. Many southern traders are still likely to hold taken a break. The proposal will be limited and sharply to accelerate the delivery of neginah regions impossible.

Experts "Sovekon" I believe that in the coming weeks, even while maintaining the ruble is close to the current levels and a possible jump in purchase prices from private buyers and recommend that owners of grain in the South closely monitor the market in order not to miss possibly one of the best opportunities for sale in this season.

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