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US wheat: Chicago violently happy problems the main competitor.
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The bidding Tuesday on a wheat site in the USA passed under the influence of the June forecast balance from the USDA. Investors reacted mainly to the forecast decline in wheat production from the main us competitor – Russia from the current 72 million tonnes to 68,50 million tons. The day growth of quotations of July futures wheat in Chicago amounted to nearly 4%. According to the AGN. Grain Online.

July quotes of the American wheat have risen:

  • soft wheat SRW in Chicago by $7.35 to 196,39 $/ton
  • hard wheat HRW in Kansas city of $6.89 to 203,37 $/ton
  • hard wheat HRS in Minneapolis by $1.01 to 217,70 $/ton

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Friday, 27 November 2020
Thursday, 26 November 2020
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