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The prices of agricultural products in Kazakhstan for the year increased by 13%
The price of wheat decreased by 10.8%, barley 4.5%, oats, and rice by 0.7%
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At the end of March 2019 agricultural production in Kazakhstan increased by 4.9%, crop production — by 6.3%, livestock 1.2%. This was reported by the Committee on statistics of the Ministry of national economy of the Republic.

Prices for agricultural products grew over the year by 12.6%, vegetable products — by 16.3%, animal products — by 4.8%.

It is noted that the price of buckwheat decreased by 3.3%, wheat — by 10.8%, barley 4.5%, oatmeal and rice — by 0.7%.

As reported IA REGNUM, in January 2019, the volume of gross output of agriculture, forestry and fisheries of Kazakhstan amounted to 128,76 billion tenge (344,8 million), which is 3.5% more than in January 2018.


Photo: novosti.az

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