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Domestic consumption of grain in this season will be reduced
Domestic consumption of grain in the season-2019/20 would be reduced by almost 1 million tonnes to 78.4 million tonnes, said the General Director of the analytical company "Prozerno" Vladimir Petrichenko X industry business conference Russian Crop Production — 2019/20 organized "Agroinvestor". Such dynamics will determine the wheat consumption which is expected to be reduced by 3 million tonnes to 42.4 million tons in the growth of consumption of barley by 1.5 million tons to 14.9 million tons, corn by 0.5 million tons to 9.1 million tonnes.
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According to Petrichenko, the decrease in consumption will occur because of reduced demand from the livestock industry. "Previously, the consumption of [livestock] were either stable or slightly growing up, in this season, we believe it will drop, although not very significantly," said petrychenko. So, he said, the number of birds last season has dropped below 2017, and now it is even less. "And we see this in the production of meat: in General, if it grows, it does a little bit due to the pork, while poultry production is reduced," said petrychenko.

In addition, there is a trend of gradual decrease of grain consumption and nutritional goals, said the President of the Russian grain Union Arkady Zlochevskiy. "There is a decrease in volume demand for bakery products. Small, but it's there," — said Zlochevsky. He reminded that the fall of incomes is, on the contrary, the growth of demand for bread. "However, this season is already reduced. Was a surge tied to the drop in income, but still the paradigm on healthy intake gives his" — said Zlochevsky. According to his forecast, reducing the demand for bakery products and, consequently, the food grain within the country will occur next.

The grain harvest this season Petrichenko expects at 121,4 million tonnes (including 75 million tons of wheat), Zlochevsky — 121 million tonnes, the General Director of the Institute for agricultural market studies announced the figure of 122 million tonnes, including 75 million tons of wheat. As a result, export potential this season, according to "Prozerno", is 45.7 million tonnes to 44 million tonnes in 2018/19. Of these, 35 million tons will be wheat. "That is, the wheat will be almost a repetition of last year's result, with an increase of [export] of barley and corn," said petrychenko. Ending stocks at the end of the season-2019/20 will be 13 million tonnes vs. 15.2 million tonnes a year earlier, estimated the expert. The Russian grain Union estimates the shipments of grain from Russia abroad in the current season at 47 million tonnes.

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