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Ukrainian agrarians sowed winter crops more than 4 million hectares
According to the Ministry of agrarian policy and food of Ukraine, as of October 2, sowing of winter crops is made in 4.1 million ha, or 56% of the projected area.
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Including wheat planted 3.7 million ha (59%), rye – 81 thousand hectares (67%), barley – 314 thousand hectares (34%).

In addition, with rape, with projected area of 1.1 million hectares planted 1 million hectares, or 94% of the forecast.

Regarding harvesting, at the reporting date, Ukrainian agrarians harvested 47.6 million tons of leguminous crops from an area of 11.5 million ha, or 75% of the forecast with an average yield of 41.5 kg/ha. including an area of 1.3 million ha, or 26% harvested 7.9 mln tonnes of maize with a yield of 60.7 kg/ ha, with 57 thousand hectares (84%) collected 75 thousand tons of buckwheat with a yield of 13.2 t/ ha and from 76 thousand hectares (84%) is collected 142 thousand tons of millet in the yield.

Sunflower were thrashed, which is 4.7 million ha (80%), which are collected 10.9 million tons with an average yield of 23.3 kg/ha, soybeans – by 998 thousand ha (63%), which produced 2.3 million tons with an average yield of 23.5 t/ha.

In addition, it is reported that sugar beet is dug out of 53 thousand hectares, or 24% of the forecast, which with an average yield of 446 kg/ha collected 2.4 million tons.





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