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Agrarians of Primorye in 2019 expect to collect 410 thousand tonnes of soya and 300 tonnes of maize
Farmers in Primorsky region in 2019 plan to collect 410 thousand tons of soybeans and 300 thousand tons of corn, higher than last year.
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As informs on Monday a press-service of administration of Primorye, today removed more than 95 thousand hectares of soybeans, and 1 thousand hectares of corn.

"Produced 130 thousand tons of soybeans, and 5 tons of corn. Despite the emergency, associated with the flood, this year it is planned to increase soybean production to 410 thousand tonnes, maize - up to 300 thousand tons", - stated in the message.

Sown area of agricultural crops in Primorye, is increasing every year, this year it reached 475 thousand hectares. The main export crops of the region accounts for soybeans and corn.





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