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In the Rostov region grain reserves in October fell by almost 14%
In the Rostov region there is a decrease in grain reserves by 14.3% at the beginning of October 2019, compared to the same period last year. It is reported Rotostat.
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According to territorial body of state statistics, in agricultural, procurement and processing organizations of the Rostov region the figure was 491,9 thousand tons.

"Compared to the data of October 1, 2018 stocks of grain increased in the agricultural organizations on 322,4 thousand tons or 19.7%, and procurement and processing organizations decreased in 814,3 thousand tonnes or 45.2%," — said in the message.

As previously reported by RBC Rostov in the don region under the regional state program "Development of agriculture and regulation of markets of agricultural products" by 2030, master of 44.7 billion rubles.





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