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Grain exports from Russia in March aktiviziruyutsya and exceed the level of last year - experts
Grain exports from Russia in March could increase and will amount to 2.8-2.9 million tons against 2.6 million tonnes in March 2019, experts predict the analytical center of JSC "Rusagrotrans".
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Wheat exports will increase to 2.2 million tons from 2 million tons a year earlier.

As said to "Interfax" the head of the center Igor Pavensky, in February, there is an increasing supply of corn compared with January, when exports amounted to only 0.3 million tons. "They "pushed" the demand from Vietnam, which first appeared in the last two years," he explained.

Grain exports in February, according to the forecast center to be approximately 2.5 million tons (of 2.72 million tonnes in February 2019), including wheat - 1.85 million tonnes (2.15 million tonnes), maize - 0.37 million tons (0,29 million tons), barley - 0,22 million tonnes (0.25 million tonnes).

As reported Pavensky, the rate of shipment of grain to deepwater ports, according to the February 18, rose to almost 1.8 times compared to the pace on January 18 and amounted to 1 043 thousand tons compared to 583 thousand tons. Forecast shipments in February of about 1.74 million tonnes against 1.48 million tons in January.

According to him, the purchase price of Russian milling wheat (protein 12.5 percent) in the deep-water ports for the week decreased by 350 rubles to 12 900-13, 000 / tonne. At low water the purchase price fell to 450 rubles, up to 12 100-12 200 rubles.

The domestic wheat market began to react to the fall in export prices mainly in the South, where wheat of 4 grade (protein 12,5%) has fallen in price on 300 roubles, to 11 900-12 200 rubles per ton. In the center and the Volga region also began lowering prices, but it has not yet made widespread.

"Exporters reduce the purchase price, but the internal recycling of partially retains its previous levels, and manufacturers in the bulk are not yet ready to sell grain at reduced prices," said Pavensky.

"The profitability of exports amid weakening export prices and continued high domestic prices is negative in all regions", - he added.

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