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In January-may 2020. the production of vegetable oils rose to a record 4.5 million tons
In the first five months of this year, Russian companies produced a record amount of vegetable oils – 4,523 million tons, the Agency said Grain Online, citing Rosstat. In comparison with January-may 2019. oil production increased by 21% in comparison with January-may 2018. – 30%.
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The volume of production of unrefined oil increased to 3,347 million tons (+20% compared to last year), including sunflower – up to 2,771 million tons (+23%), soy – to 0,343 million t (+14%), rapeseed – to 0,209 million tons (+1%).

Manufacture of refined oils increased to 1,176 million tonnes (+22%), including sunflower – up to 1,081 million tonnes (+22%).

The increase in oil production was affected by a record harvest of sunflower and higher shipments of sunflower oil to foreign markets.

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