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Agriculture of the Crimea may take global leadership in its sector
This, according to of Rustam Temirgaliev, may occur if the Crimea is reoriented on the traditional for the region's culture.

Speaking about the economy of the Crimea, Advisor to the Prime Minister of the Republic Rustam Temirgaliev described the situation with agriculture.

- Very interesting processes are observed in agriculture. Agriculture of the Crimea was focused on water from the North-Crimean canal. Accordingly, mobile energy-consuming and podostraya sprinkler irrigation systems today be used in full can not. This year, fortunately, nature has given to Crimean heavy rainfall. We were able to collect a good harvest, particularly grain, despite blocked North-Crimean canal.

Small losses we had in rice production, but, needless to say, we understand that in the next two to three years of Crimea go to its traditional culture. We are talking about a stone-fruit cultures, we are talking about the revival of viticulture, and we are talking about upgrading essential oil industry.

About essential oil industry is very interesting trend is. The fact that neighbouring Crimea Bulgaria with the collapse of this industry in Ukraine, has become a world leader in the production of essential oils. And today there is an understanding of the Ministry of agrarian-industrial complex of the Russian Federation that this industry should concentrate our efforts, all the climatic conditions in the Crimea for this is, therefore, essential oil production will be one of the basic branches of the Crimean economy, in particular, agriculture, - predicts Temirgaliev.


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Friday, 14 August 2020
Thursday, 13 August 2020
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