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In the United States have allowed GM apples for sale to the public
The company used only the genes of fruit trees in the creation of apples
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U.S. lawmakers on Friday granted permission for two of genetically modified varieties of apples, bred resistant to Browning that undermined attempts by the industry of organic products and other critics of GMOs to block new fruit.

The inspection service animal and plant health USA under the Ministry of agriculture has allowed new apples, developed by the canadian biotechnology company Okanagan Specialty Fruits Inc. as not posing a threat to agriculture.

Okanagan plans to put the apples on the market under the brand Arctic Granny and Arctic Golden and argues that these apples are no different from the standard, except that it does not darken.

The President of the company Okanagan Neil Carter called the resolution USDA incredible event.

First Arctic apples will appear on the market at the end of 2016 in small quantities, and many years will it take to receive wide distribution.

The company said that due to concerns of consumers regarding products GMOs used only the genes of fruit trees in the establishment of their apples.

Genetically modified corn, soy and other crops, which has caused criticism of organizations for the protection of consumers, connected with the genetic material of bacteria or other organisms.

However, the new Okanagan apples caused protests. The Association of consumers of organic products has filed a petition to the USDA revoked the permission. The Association argues that the genetic changes that prevent darkening, can be harmful to human health.

Representatives of the Association also reported that apples are usually sprayed dozens of types of pesticides, and experiments with genetics will increase the handling of pesticides.

The Association will put pressure on food companies and retail outlets, so that they do not use these apples, because it's just another great experiment on people without a serious reason.

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