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The US has allowed the production of GM apples and potatoes
The Ministry of agriculture of the USA previously approved the production of these products
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The office of the food and drug administration (FDA) issued a permit for the production of two varieties of GM Apple company Okanagan Specialty Fruits, Inc., named "Arctic Apples", and six varieties of GM potatoes, called "Innate", the J. R. Simplot Company.

The Ministry of agriculture of the USA has approved the production of these products previously, apples - last month, potatoes in November.

The potatoes were genetically modified to withstand bacterial black rot, as well as to allocate less of acrylamide with the heat treatment, while the apples are modified to resist Browning.

The news is likely to cause a wave of protests among the opponents of GMOs, there will be a large number of issues, for example, the labeling of such products.

Currently, the FDA does not have any questions regarding data security of food products.

Management reported that under certain circumstances, the distinctive features of these varieties of apples and potatoes, which is not in regular varieties, may be disclosed to the consumer. Both companies may consult with FDA about the potential labeling requirements.

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