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And U.S. farmers are turning away from GMOs
Companies are starting to get rid of GMOs in products, farmers follow their example
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Farmers take advantage of the growing consumer interest in products without GMOs, sowing more crops without genetically modified seeds.

Low commodity prices cause the income of the farmers to drop to a level which is a six-year low, according to experts.

Companies such as General Mills, Inc., Whole Foods Market and Mexican Chipotle Mexican Grill, start to get rid of GM ingredients in some of their products and inspire farmers to follow the new plan exception GMO.

The farmers of southwest Iowa confirmed its new strategy. They said that I never thought that I would return to the products without GMOs, but consumers have made it clear that a certain percentage of customers willing to pay more for a line of non-GMO. A new trend away from GMOs seems to have established itself and gained great popularity.

The debate about GMO constantly covered and will be covered in the news. Association of manufacturers of grocery products USA stated that 80% of packaged foods contain genetically modified ingredients.




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Tuesday, 28 September 2021
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