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The USDA urged to tighten control of GMOs
USDA is considering options for change in the way of control
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Dozens of food organizations, organizations for the protection of the rights of consumers and companies have submitted recommendations to the Ministry of agriculture of the USA (USDA), producing a more strict regulation of genetically modified crops and calling the existing system "failed".

The USDA reported that it is considering options for changing the ways of regulation of biotech crops and established a period for public comment, which expires this week.

Governing law proposed by the Ministry in 2008 after criticism of the government for the shortcomings of the monitoring system and the resonance of GMO contamination that led to reviews of products and fail trade.

USDA has not finalized the draft legislation and earlier this year withdrew it.

In the recommendations, filed Monday, the organization said that the government must do more to properly protect the environment, the economy, farmers, consumers and the health care system.

Organizations subscribing to the recommendations included the National family farm coalition, organic consumers Association products, Clif Bar & Co, Nature's Path, and 34 other organizations.

Currently health inspection Service animal and plant USA with USDA may issue a new genetically modified crops the status of "uncontrolled" when the developers have demonstrated the tests showed that the new crops do not pose a threat to plant health.

But the activists appealed to the Ministry with a request to extend the work to determine the safety of GM crops in the use of humans and animals, and strictly control system genetically modified crop production with respect to problems of resistance in weeds and harm ecosystems. They also said that the Ministry should actively work to prevent contamination of conventional crops with GM crops.

Proponents of biotechnology argue that there is plenty of evidence that GM crops that exist on the market, safe and already well controlled. Critics argue that the U.S. government does not conduct independent testing data of biotech crops to their resolutions, and does little to track them after.

A public institution cannot rely on corporations that profit from the sale of GM crops and decide how many and what types of tests to conduct or how to share information with regulators and the public, scientists said Pesticide Action Network North America.

A representative of the USDA stated that the next step the Ministry will review the submitted comments.



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