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The EU refused to protect butterflies from GM pollen
The pollen of GM corn can travel much further than previously assumed, and harm butterflies
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European safety authorities food came to the conclusion that there is no need to expand buffer zones around GM crops, even with the research showing that pollen from GM maize can move much further than previously thought.

Buffer zones to protect vulnerable species such as butterflies, were part of a heated debate in Europe about the safety of GM crops, which, according to manufacturers, is completely safe, but, according to environmentalists, pose a serious threat to biodiversity.

A scientific study found that the caterpillars of some butterfly species of GM pollen may harm.

The European Agency for food safety (EFSA) reported that his previous assessment was too conservative. But he added that his recommendation to create a 20-metre buffer zone for the protection of butterflies around GM maize Monsanto and 30-meter buffer zone around the corn Pioneer "remain valid".

EFSA confirmed the appropriateness of the existing 20-metre buffer zones around corn Monsanto, said the representative of Monsanto.

Dupont Pioneer said that the report confirms the safety of GM products and that this eighth positive opinion on the safety of GMOs" for 14 years.

The participants of the campaign for protection of the environment stated that the identification of EFSA fact harm the butterflies from the pollen that is moved a greater distance, confirms the arguments that buffer zones around GM crops should be expanded.

The results of the largest study of corn production should raise the alarm and cause more fear, said the representatives of "Friends of Earth". To rely on the hope that the rains or the wind can weaken the toxic effect of GM pollen was insane.

A new risk assessment from EFSA was caused by a study published last year Environmental Sciences Europe, which showed that the pollen of genetically modified corn may be moved to a distance of three kilometers, a hundred times beyond 30 yards set by EFSA in 2011.

Once the study was published, it became clear that the previous assessment was overly conservative, said the representative of EFSA.




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