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The U.S. government orders to tighten oversight of GMOs
The aim is to increase public confidence in the system
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The white house ordered three American administrations that control the products of biotechnology, to improve and modernize the regulatory structure with a view to enhancing public confidence in the system, which critics say failed.

The decree was a response to demands from consumers, food organizations and companies to tighten controls on genetically modified crops in the U.S. amid a national debate about the need for labelling.

The health inspection service animal and plant US in the Ministry of agriculture of the USA (APHIS) has proposed a bill in 2008 after allegations of errors of the control and after GMO contamination that led to the recall of products, and disrupted trade.

But the Ministry of agriculture (USDA) has not completed the passage of the bill and has been withdrawn in the beginning of this year. In recent months, the Department collected public opinion on the new law.

Crops biotechnology are controlled through coordinated governmental structure which includes APHIS, the FDA food and drug administration (FDA) and the Office for environmental protection (EPA).

The white house said that the complexity of a large number of regulations and guidance documents developed by three Federal offices may complicate public understanding of ways to assess the safety of biotechnology products.

The presidential administration announced that it will clarify the roles and responsibilities of EPA, USDA and FDA and will try to develop a long-term strategy to provide regulators with all the possibilities for the future risk assessment of products of biotechnology.

The administration also implements an independent analysis of future products of biotechnology.

Reform is badly outdated system for the review of GM crops is long overdue, said guide Environmental Working Group.


Biotechnology Industry Organization (BIO), whose members are the developers of GMOs, said that he welcomes the way to more effective and transparent resolution of new products.

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Friday, 24 September 2021
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