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In the US develop GM-substitute egg whites
To create substitute egg whites will be used in GM yeast
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The company Clara Foods received $1.7 million initial investment in an attempt to use genetically modified yeast to create a substitute for egg whites. The company is trying to develop a substitute that will have the taste and nutritional value of real egg whites.

Unlike the company Hampton Creek, which produces substitutes egg whites, vegetable protein, Clara concept Foods is a liquid alternative, created by genetically modified yeast.

Production of egg whites without the participation of chickens can save significant money and time for companies that harvested the eggs and then separate egg whites. Another advantage is an alternative in case of a potential shortage of eggs due to avian influenza. Substitutes can also eliminate the risk of Salmonella infection and to improve the protection of animals.

The cost and time savings securing egg whites can attract food producers, especially large companies that use a lot of egg whites.

However, the fact that these ingredients contain GMOs are likely to limit their attractiveness. Given the pressures on food producers to remove GMOs from your products, and requirements for labelling of products containing GMOs, many companies can refuse to accept new GM ingredient.





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