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A farmer from the Voronezh asked Putin not to remove the sanctions
During the "direct line" with President of the farmers expressed fears that in case of removal of restrictions on the importation of foreign goods, Russian producers will lose market
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Vladimir Putin believes that in the near future sanctions Western Europe and the USA with Russia will not be removed, and therefore a reason to take counter-sanctions from Russia. The President of Russia has told, answering a question of the farmer from the Voronezh region Dmitry Zykov during the direct line on April 14.

Dmitry Zykov called on the President to lift restrictions on the import of food to Russia, stressing that in this case, Russian agricultural producers will lose market.

"I don't think in the near future our partners will go on the abolition of restrictions and limitations in relation to our country. So, we'll keep restrictions on access to their foodstuffs on our market", — said Vladimir Putin.

"But if they still think in their own interest to take steps to abolish these restrictions, then, of course, they will put us in a difficult position because, in accordance with WTO rules, we will be unprotected. Here there are many options for supporting the agricultural sector. We see that farmers, peasants, gaining momentum and for milk and meat, and fruits and vegetables, and processing, large program support, we will, of course, can do it."

The people of Russia have written to the President about 2 million questions. In 2015 "Direct line with President of the Russian Federation" took place on April 16, it lasted 3 hours, Putin answered more than 50 questions.

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