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Monsanto and Sumimoto Chemical will produce a new generation of herbicides
The company signed a cooperation agreement
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Sumimoto Chemical and Monsanto entered into a global agreement for the development, registration and sale of the inhibitor herbicide protoporphyrinogen oxidase for use on GMOs in conventional terms
A new generation of herbicides PPO production Sumimoto will be available "early next decade" announced the leadership of the company. At Monsanto herbicide is a PPO at an early stage of development, which is expected to include features of several other drugs. The companies will work together to create a unified system of germplasm, biotechnology and the protection of crops.

Herbicide new brands to appear in the brand portfolio of both companies. Vice-President of Monsanto and chief technologist Dr. Robert Frailey welcomes the deal. "The new generation of herbicides PPO has a remarkable impact on a wide range of herb and broad-leaved weeds, making the drug the perfect complement to the use of drugs Round Up." says Dr. Frailey. Low use of drugs in combination with a unique regime against weeds that are resistant to the PPO would be valuable to farmers who grow corn, soy and cotton.

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