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The government distributed subsidies for modernisation and construction of dairy farms
The corresponding decree was signed by Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev September 3
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The Russian government signed a decree on granting subsidies to the regions. On the construction and modernization of dairy farms will be allocated 4 billion rubles.

The largest amount of subsidies from the Federal budget allocated in the Republic of Tatarstan - 1 billion roubles, Voronezh region - 653 million rubles, Belgorod region is 478 million.

In addition, 378 million rubles will be allocated for the construction selektsionno genetic centres in animal husbandry and breeding and seed cents in crop production.

According to the order the government has also allocated funds for the construction of greenhouses, vegetable storage facilities and wholesale distribution centers.

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Monday, 03 August 2020
Friday, 31 July 2020
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