Butter in Russia has risen by 20.5% over the year

In Russia in 2016 among food, the most expensive butter. The prices of eggs, sugar and fruits and vegetables decreased
11 January 2017

As reported by Rosstat, butter rose by 20.5%. A year ago the growth rate was almost two times lower to 10.6%.

Rising prices for milk and dairy products slowed to 9.5% (11.5% of the previous year), fish and seafood to 8.6% (20,9%), meat (including poultry) to 1.6% (4.3 percent).

Bread and bakery products in 2016 rose by 5.9% (13.2% in 2015), cereals - by 6.4% (15,5%), macaroni products - by 4.5% (to 19.5%).

Last year sharply to 3.4% from 37.2% in 2015 - has slowed the growth of prices for sunflower oil. Alcoholic beverages rose by 6.4% in 2015 the growth of prices amounted to 10.7%.

At the same time, prices for eggs decreased by 0.7%. Year ago eggs has risen by 9.8%. Sugar prices dropped by 6% in the previous year it rose by 12.9%. Fruits and vegetables became cheaper by 6.8%. In 2015, prices increased by 17.4%.

By the end of 2016, the food inflation in Russia decreased to 4.6% from 14% a year earlier.

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