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The new Zealand "dairy farmers" reduced greenhouse gas emissions by 20%
Since 1990, over 27 years, milk producers of New Zealand cut its emissions by 20%
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The share of the dairy industry accounts for half of agricultural emissions in New Zealand and a quarter of all emissions in the whole country, says the environmental Manager of the cooperative Fonterra Francesca Eggleton, stressing that the company is serious about this issue.

Francesca said Eggleton, New Zealand is the most efficient milk producer in the world based on metrics of carbon dioxide per kilogram of milk produced, adjusted for fat and protein (FPCM) with a score of 0.89 in CO2e per kg of FPCM, compared with the world average value of 2.4 and a maximum of more than 7.

Eggleton noted that this may be due to year-round grazing on pastures, high productivity per hectare, the low replacement rate of the herd and the relatively low use of incremental feed.

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