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The price of gasoline and diesel,18.05.17
The Russian fuel market.Daily review. 18 may 2017
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According to the fuel integrator "Algorithm", trades with gasoline are on an upward trajectory. Today is the 95th rose by an average of 250 R/t, ' 92 – 300 R/t. The trend change is not expected. The oilers will continue to spin rates before the next intervention of the Antimonopoly service. However, they have protection in the form of increased export alternative prices.

To the current days stock market and netback are about the same. The stock market does not react so fast on the variability of the netback. If you take the average by 2017, the index values SPIMEX and netback, the domestic prices are below parity by an average of 1 500 R/t. And this will protect the oil from potential claims by the FAS.

So, the average value of the index PRM (Ai95) from 1 January to 18 may was 41 600 R/t and netback – 43 200 R/t. The average value of the index REG (Ai92) amounted to 42 000, and netback – 41 700 R/t.

In the diesel segment, similar comparisons will be valid only for summer grades of fuel. So, in the period from March to may, the domestic price export parity ahead by about 1 200 R/t.

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