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Experts "Lilian" will speak at the conference "the World of soya - Feed"
At the III International conference "the World of soya - Fodder" in St. - Petersburg the company "Lilian" will talk about how to reduce the cost of production of feed
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III international conference "the World of soya - Fodder" will be held from 29 to 31 may 2017 in St. Petersburg. The event will bring together representatives of largest industrial enterprises of the industry and experts from more than 15 countries. Industry representatives and experts will discuss topical issues associated with the production and processing of soybeans, and forage production.

General Director of "Lilian" Nemirovich Armen Nalbandian will deliver a report: "the Technology of conservation of raw materials for feed production: mobile dimensionless "Elevator". In the report he will tell about what is beneficial to the production of their own feed for poultry and livestock companies and for what reasons some companies refuse to create their own feed production facilities like 20 times to reduce investment in storage system raw material base, and present the algorithm of introduction of technology of storage in sleeves in a chain of feed production.

About the company:

OOO "Lilian" was founded in 2000. The company has its own production facilities. Production base is located in the city of Salsk of the Rostov region on the territory of 2 hectares.

Currently has the production of a series of bunkers-handlers of grain LILIAN, equipment for grain storage in plastic sleeves (series ternopoljanyn machines LILIANE MPS, machines for unloading grain from the plastic sleeves LILIAN MWR) car handlers series MVA.

Appliances are manufactured on modern cutting systems, and digital brake presses, and welding is conducted using a semi-automatic welding. All the details are painted with a quality German two-component acrylic polyurethane paint, passing through pre-cleaning, degreasing and phosphating.


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