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In Adygeya created the Union of manufacturers of Adygei cheese
It is expected that, together, Circassian cheese manufacturers will be able to efficiently solve tasks
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The Union of manufacturers of Circassian cheese created in Adygea, the head of the Republic Murat Kumpilov at the meeting with heads of the enterprises of the dairy industry in the region.

"Consolidation of efforts of like-minded people will help to effectively solve tasks. The Republic's leadership is interested in development of the real sector of the economy. The growth of budget revenues of the region will speed up the implementation of social programs aimed at improving the quality of life, increased life expectancy, rising birth rate. Therefore, we intend to do everything possible to improve the working conditions of business in the region"
, — said M. Kumpilov.

The head of the Republic supported the establishment of the Union of manufacturers of Adygei cheese and noted that "such associations would be useful in other areas."

We will remind, in may, the intellectual property rights court left in force the decision of Rospatent on the protection of the trademark "Adyghe Cheese".

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