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The Ministry of agriculture of Russia was self-sufficient potatoes and milk for 97% and 82%
As a result of implementation of food security doctrine, Russia has provided itself with grain by 99%, and potatoes and milk 97% and 82%
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This was announced by Director of international cooperation Department of the Ministry of agriculture Olga garshyna during a business forum "Export priority".

"In 2010, the President signed the doctrine on food security, and in 2016 we have provided ourselves with grain 99%, sugar – by 89%, vegetable oil – by 84%, meat and meat products – 90%, potatoes – 97%, milk and dairy products by 82%," said Garshina.

In 2016, the agricultural production increased by 5%. Exports of such products in 2016 reached $17 billion In plans of the Ministry of agriculture to increase this figure by 2020 to $21.4 billion

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