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Russia has restricted the export of pork from Romania
The Rosselkhoznadzor since August 2, has imposed a temporary ban on the supply of live pigs and pork products from Romania in connection with the registration of ASF outbreaks in the country
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"Rosselkhoznadzor informs that in connection with registration of African swine fever outbreak in Romania... on August 2, 2017, imposes temporary restrictions on import into Russia from the territory of Romania of live pigs, their genetic material, pork and raw pork products, meat from wild boars, rogakopita and leather, intestinal materials, bristles, finished products containing pork, not subjected to full taxidermy treatment of hunting trophies obtained from the susceptible species of animals, all kinds of feed and feed additives for pigs," the message reads.

The ban does not apply to feed additives chemical and microbiological synthesis and prepared feed, subjected to heat treatment (the temperature is not below plus 70 degrees Celsius, the processing time of at least 20 minutes), second-hand equipment for keeping, slaughter and butchering of pigs.

It is clarified that the above goods from Romania refundable regardless of the date of issue of veterinary accompanying documents if they are received at the border checkpoints after the August 2, 2017.

2 August 2017 also imposes temporary restrictions on transit through the territory of the Russian Federation of live pigs from Romania, as well as live pigs transiting the territory of Romania to Russia.

In case of arrival of live animals at border crossing points Russia EN route to transit the territory of Romania until August 2, the decision on their admission to Russia is accepted in the usual manner.

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