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The agricultural Bank has supported the implementation of investment projects in agriculture amounting to 430 billion rubles
In the framework of the state Program of development of agriculture, starting in 2008, the agricultural Bank has provided credit support for more than 3,300 investment projects in the agricultural sector. The total amount under the Bank financing amounted to 430 billion rubles
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A significant part of the investment aimed at construction and modernization of poultry farms (117 billion rubles), pig farms (89 billion), systems for keeping cattle (75 billion rubles) and greenhouses (58 billion). The aggregate planned capacity of these projects is: 1.4 million tons of poultry meat, 650 thousand tons of pork, 3.5 million tons of milk, 290 thousand tons of beef.

The largest number of projects supported by the Bank in the Republic of Dagestan (224). Also in the top 5 included: Nizhny Novgorod oblast (160 projects), Tatarstan (142 projects), Republic Kalmykia (135 projects), Kirov oblast (115 projects).

The greatest volume of investment in aggregate terms, over this period aimed at the implementation of projects in Kursk region (51 billion rubles), Tver region (33 billion rubles), Voronezh region (32 billion rubles), the Republic of Mari El (29 billion rubles), Penza region (28 billion rubles).

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