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The company introduced a line of agromashin Czech farmers
The Czech Republic held demonstration equipment Rostselmash in agricultural agricultural exhibition "Day of agriculture"
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The Rostselmash company introduced to the guests of the exhibition a wide range of its machinery: combine and forage harvesters, new sprayers, cultivator and harrow.

At the exhibition the company was presented a combine harvester RSM 161. Powerful and unique, it is superior to many counterparts in performance and quality of threshing. The machine works effectively on difficult to soil fertility, in conditions of high humidity and inclusions or.

This processor can operate in all grain-producing regions of the Czech Republic. With various adapters, is used for harvesting cereals, legumes, pulses, cereal crops on the vine and the selection of felling, harvesting grass seed and vegetables, sunflower and grain maize, which suits our farm, commented on the company Marcela Benichou, head of the sector "Agrokon".

About the company:

Rostselmash group of companies, which includes 13 companies, producing equipment under the brand ROSTSELMASH, VERSATILE, FARM KING, Buhler. At the Assembly sites in Russia, USA, Canada and the EU made a complete line of machinery and equipment for a successful agribusiness from soil preparation and sowing to harvesting and processing the crop. Our product line includes over 150 models and modifications of 24 types of equipment, including grain and forage harvesters, tractors, sprayers, forage and grain processing equipment and more.


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