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In the Rostov region has collected more than 13 million tons of grain crops
In the Rostov region completed sowing campaign of winter crops, and the harvest work moving into final phase
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It became known of it during meeting on questions of implementation and completion of the field agricultural works, under the chairmanship of the first Deputy Governor of the region Victor Goncharov.

So, the later crops harvested from an area of 264 hectares, which is 78% of the total area of cleaning. Gross harvest amounted to 790 thousand tons. As reported in the Ministry of agriculture, the rate of harvest and yield in the current year, slightly above last year.

Also removed in the area of 750 thousand hectares of oilseeds (88% of the cultivated area). Gross yield has already exceeded 1.3 million tons, while yield was formed in the amount of 17.4 kg/ha, 1.7 t/ha higher than last year.

At the final stage is the cleaning of vegetables and potatoes. Vegetables harvested on the area of 9.3 thousand hectares (91%), the gross harvest amounted to 247 thousand tons with a yield of 266 kg/ha Potatoes harvested with 80% of the gross yield was formed in the amount of 125 thousand tons with a yield of 256,3 kg/ha.

"We are completing the year with very good performance, especially for crops, which will gather more than ever in history – more than 13 million tons. According to our forecasts, the result of the harvest of oil crops will not be worse than last year, and the vegetables and potatoes even the gross yield will be even higher than last year", - said Viktor Goncharov.

At the meeting it was also noted that in the Rostov region is almost finished sowing of winter crops for harvest in 2018. In General, the area sown to winter crops over 2.4 million hectares.

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