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Russia will retain quotas on meat imports in 2018
Russia has no plans to change the volume of tariff quotas on meat imports in 2018
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According to the government decree, signed on 9 December 2017 and posted on the official portal of legal information, the quota for the import of chilled beef will be 40 thousand tons, including 29 thousand tons destined for the EU. The import of frozen beef under the quota are possible in the amount of 530 thousand tons, including 60 thousand tonnes under the country's quota for the EU and the United States, 3 thousand tons - quota for Costa Rica. The quota for the import of pork will amount to 400 thousand tons, pork trimmings (trimmings) - 30 thousand tons.

The quota for poultry meat and edible offal set in the amount of 364 thousand tons. A large portion of it is 250 thousand tons falls on frozen half chickens or quarters and legs. The quota for boneless chicken established in the amount of 100 thousand tons, including 80 thousand tons, the EU quota.

In addition, the quota for the import of Turkey meat will be 14 thousand tons. The volume of quotas for 2018 was established by decision of the Collegium of the Eurasian economic Commission on 18 August 2017.

Meanwhile, meat exports from the EU and the U.S. are currently prohibited due to the Russian food embargo, which is valid from 7 August 2014. As country quotas are not selected, they can be redistributed between other countries.

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