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Mexico started the supply of organic bananas in Russia
The first batch of organic bananas weighing 120 tons shipped from the Mexican state of Colima in Russia
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As reported on Wednesday, a Mexican Internet portal El Comentario, six containers of this product was sent to Russia from the port of Manzanillo, located on the Pacific coast of the Latin American countries.

"Thanks to the support of the National health service, safety and quality of agricultural products of Mexico fulfilled all the necessary formalities for commencement of supply in Russia", - said the Secretary for agricultural development of Colima Agustin Morales. He expressed confidence that in the near future the export of bananas in Russia will be expanded, taking into account "existing there is now high demand."

The supply of bananas to Russia, has been registered in Colima firm Grupo Coliman. Batch of product will arrive in Russia 30-35 days. In this regard, the exporter uses a special technology with use of capsules with ethylene in order for the bananas was not corrupted in transit. After arrival at the destination, "when they opened the containers, the process of natural ripening of the product will resume," said Morales.

"We expect (exports of bananas from Mexico) will expand, there are many countries interested in imports," said the Mexican representative. According to him, the increase in supply of this product overseas "is important not only for the state of Colima, but also to other banana-producing countries" of Latin American countries that will also be able to expand their exports.

Photo: ladepeche.fr

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Friday, 27 November 2020
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