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Russia banned the import of animal products from Switzerland
The Rosselkhoznadzor has banned the supply of live birds and animals, and animal products from Switzerland due to outbreaks of dangerous diseases
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According to the materials of the service, in connection with an outbreak of Newcastle disease is prohibited to import live poultry, hatching eggs, poultry meat and all poultry products not heat processed.

In addition, the ban applies to imports of feeds and feed additives for poultry, used equipment for keeping, slaughter and butchering of birds. Not allowed the transit of live poultry from Switzerland on the territory of the Russian Federation.

Due to the registration of the hearth of bluetongue is prohibited to import breeding cattle and small cattle, wild, zoo and circus animals susceptible to the disease, as well as camels and other representatives of the camelidae family (llama, Alpaca, vicuna), semen of bulls, rams, and goats-producers, embryos, large and small cattle, except obtained in vivo.

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