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Inflation in Russia in 2017 amounted to 2.5%
Inflation in Russia by the end of 2017 amounted to 2.5% in December prices rose by 0.4%, according to the materials of Rosstat. Thus, Rosstat confirmed its preliminary estimate of inflation from December 29,
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For comparison, inflation in Russia in 2016, was at the level of 5,4%, and in December 2016 the growth of prices was 0.4%.

According to Rosstat, food prices in December 2017 in annual terms grew by 1.1%, non - food-2.8%. The growth of prices for services was 4.4%.

In December much more expensive tomatoes and cucumbers - by 24.6% and 20.8%, respectively, grapes 7.7%, bananas 4%. The oranges become cheaper by 5.7%, garlic, beet, and nuts - by 0.3% and 1.7%.

3.3% increase in prices for domestic caviar of salmon fishes, 0.8% - cut fish of salmon breeds and canned fish.

Margarine, national cheeses and cheese rose by 1.1%, beef liver, milk, glazed cheese - by 0.7%.

Almost all types of pasta and groats products, a decrease in prices. For example, buckwheat became cheaper by 3.8%, peas and beans - by 1.4%. However, the price of millet increased by 0.6%.

On 0,2-0,6% became cheaper poultry meat, pork, wheat flour, canned vegetables, chocolate, candy and vodka.

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