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Bulgarian businessmen will visit Russia to get acquainted with the production of agricultural machinery.
6-8 February Russia will be visited by delegation of businessmen from Bulgaria to get acquainted with the production of agricultural machinery. The visit was organized by trade representation of the Russian Federation in the Republic of Bulgaria and the Bulgarian Embassy in Russia.
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The main objective is to acquaint foreign producers and dealers of agricultural machinery with the application of the Perm technology "Haylage in a line" and production of agricultural machinery. "Krasnokamskiy repair-mechanical plant" (Krasnokamsk, Perm Krai) produces pick-up, high-speed packer rolls, the cutter rolls and front loader FRONTLIFT. Perm technology allows to overcome the difficulties and disadvantages of the traditional system. Even in adverse weather it is possible to procure and to maintain the high quality herbal food without preservatives.

It is expected that the experience with the technology "Haylage in the line" share the one of the agricultural enterprises, Kungur district. Representatives of the center of assistance to development of dairy and beef cattle breeding will talk about the features of introduction of technology. Scientists from Perm state agricultural and technological University will focus on the preparation Armoiries pipeline to increase milk production.

In addition, the Bulgarian delegation will hold talks with the leadership of the Perm chamber of Commerce and industry.

Dmitry Teplov, Director of "krasnokamskiy repair-mechanical plant»:

- The Russian market is broad, regions, which can be a lot of work, the demand for agricultural machinery high. Therefore, no task is a sharp departure to foreign markets. But gradually we will build a dialogue with the countries of Eastern Europe. Moreover, our technology is interesting for foreign partners, as they help to improve the efficiency of agriculture.

For reference: "Krasnokamsky RMZ" specializiruetsya on the development and manufacture of electro-hydraulic equipment. In the spectrum of produced Krasnokamsky RMZ products include agricultural machinery (balers, high-speed packers, cutters rolls), storage equipment STL (manually operated dock Leveller, dock opening), trailers for cars (brand "Expedition"), the hinged equipment for tractors FRONTLIFT (front loader). One more direction of activity — rendering services for the production of parts and metal structures according to drawings of customers. The company is one of the largest centers of sheet metal working in the Perm region with the use of laser technologies of metal processing (laser cutting, precision bending, rolling, welding, powder coating, robotic welding).

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