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Russian farmers will recall the saying about the rescue of drowning?
Due to the freezing of the soil and Malassezia will likely need reseeding.
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In addition to the financial difficulties of 2017 to farmers in the Altai region are threatening weather conditions this winter and the following spring, when he began field work may require much more investment and labor, and financial. Why is this happening and what is the position of the state regarding assistance to farmers, says the editor of IA REGNUM Svetlana Shapovalova.

Low winter temperatures may be the reason that in the spring of Altai will have to deal with re-sowing winter crops frost-injured. Even if it need not in all areas, and partially, the question arises about the availability of provision of seeds and equipment to execute the plan. And here we should recall last year's call for assistance to farmers in the fall in input prices last year and rising prices for fuel and lubricants.

Financial assistance many were able to, unfortunately, she was so smeared a thin layer on the existing farms, which in absolute terms was not too big. Someone has already started to sell the business. Some, on the verge of ruin, pre-sold to large agricultural firms. The main question, organized, and not a point of support, — the question of state intervention — have not even considered.

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