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The Finance Ministry may not allow citizens to earn on berries and mushrooms.
In the state Duma discussed the introduction of a bill that allows people to earn money by picking mushrooms and berries to sell in the so-called "procurement office".
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The Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation may raise a skeptical eyebrow at the suggestion of the head of the Duma Committee on natural resources Nikolay Nikolaeva ("United Russia") to allow citizens to sell the collected berries and mushrooms. About it the correspondent REGNUM February 13, said the first Deputy Chairman of the faction "Fair Russia" in the Duma Mikhail Emelyanov.

Nikolaev suggested to allow citizens to sell the collected berries and mushrooms in the so-called "procurement office". Today's prevailing norms, citizens can sell berries or mushrooms only if they rented a certain piece of land, with at least 10 years. Nikolaev is planning to develop a bill that would change this rule.

"This idea should be supported, because the so-called "wild harvest" is an important part of agriculture. Now we most of the fruit import from Poland, and why do we support foreign manufacturers, if we have their forests completely?"—said Emelyanov.

Meanwhile, if this initiative is accepted, then it is possible that citizens will be responsible to pay additional taxes. However, Emelyanov noted that this process is inevitable and should not cause issues.

"With any income should pay tax, this is not surprising," — said the Deputy.

In General, if the law is passed, it will actively promote import substitution, he said. However, the probability that the government this idea may not support.

"It is important that the Ministry of Finance did not oppose this idea, there is still skeptical of any import substitution and strongly inhibit this process," the fears of the public.

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