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Medvedev instructed the Agency to bring the program quota to its logical conclusion.
The Agency has approved 56 applications for the construction of fishing vessels and onshore plants.
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Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev instructed the Agency to bring the program for investment quotas on the fish catch to its logical conclusion - the construction of fishing vessels and factories. The Prime Minister said at a meeting with the head of the Agency Ilya Shestakov.



"We need this program to bring to an end, to its logical conclusion, until the construction of the vessels, before acceptance into service, because the fishermen are waiting for these vessels. I hope everything will end successfully", - he said.

The program's investment quota involves the issuance of fishing companies with quotas for catch of fish (20% of the total number of quotas) in exchange for a commitment to update the fleet and the onshore infrastructure.

The head of Rosrybolovstvo noted at the meeting, only to receive investment quota was submitted 68 applications, have been selected 56 of them. "To be built 33 new vessels at Russian shipyards: 6 vessels for the Far East and 27 vessels for the Northern basin. Moreover, if the Far East is a major trial for 100 meters [in length] to the North of the pool - there is a different specificity, these vessels up to 85 meters. All of these virtually provides high-tech recycling," - said Shestakov. Also, he said, will be built 23 of the coast of the plant.


Responding to a question the Prime Minister about where the vessels will be built, Shestakov said that all vessels contracted at domestic shipyards. "This is Vyborg shipyard, Admiralty shipyards this is the plant "Yantar", which has already begun construction. We have seven vessels are currently in the process of construction. The part of fishermen ordered [the court] in private shipyards outside the United shipbuilding Corporation",- said Shestakov.

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