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The roots of Beidou participated in the national forum of agricultural producers in Krasnodar.
March 12 at the all-Russian forum of agricultural producers in Krasnodar was held a plenary meeting at which the report was made by the President of Russia Vladimir Putin. The forum was attended by delegations from 71 Russian regions: farmers, representatives of agricultural cooperatives and trade associations, associations, expert and the business community, scientists, heads of regional agricultural administrative bodies, deputies of the state Duma and the Federal Assembly. The forum participants discussed the development of crop, livestock, food processing industry, measures to support agriculture by the state.
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As noted Roots of Beidou, according to the NSA, often in conditions of state support agrarische insure large or medium-sized farms. "The task of insurers is to provide farmers with insurance programs that meet the needs of individual farmers regardless of the volume of its business, says the Roots of Beidou, noting that the important role of farmers in increasing agricultural production were stressed in his speech the President of Russia. The roots of Beidou recalled initiated by the NSA and agreed with all relevant agencies the amendments to the law on agricultural insurance, the adoption of which will allow farmers to choose an insurance program designed, in particular, and on small farms. However, the President of NSA, said that, with the inclusion of insurance costs in the "single" subsidy in 2017 was a record decline in agricultural insurance with state support. "Therefore, to increase the coverage of insurance in agriculture, it is necessary to change the system of subsidizing agricultural insurance," says Roots of biggov.

In the all-Russian forum of agricultural producers in the Kuban capital the Roots of Beidou held a number of meetings with heads of regional agricultural agencies and large agricultural holdings. "Regional agriculture and large farms are interested in further developing agricultural insurance and to protect against risks of agricultural production, explained the Roots of Beidou the outcome of the negotiations. But many had refused to support this direction due to the lack of subsidy. However, if additional money will be allocated, even those regions that are not laid targets on agricultural insurance, is ready to reconsider its position. That is, to insure risks with state support, and, as in crop and animal husbandry. Notice that risk insurance in the segment of livestock production, unlike crop production, where favorable conditions are recorded for several consecutive years, is more stable. Possible avian flu pandemic or the outbreak of ASF can lead to the ruin of the economy. This factor stimulates farmers to conclude treaties, and the bodies of APK - actively provide grants in support of this direction".



From 1 January 2016 at the market of agricultural insurance with state support is a single national Association, the national Union of agricultural insurers. Insurance companies, who are members of the NSA, from 1 January 2016 are not eligible to enter into contracts of insurance with state support. The creation of a centralized system of agricultural insurance in the Russian Federation is provided by Federal law 22.12.2014 No. 424-FZ on amendments to the Law "On state support in agricultural insurance..." №260-FZ.

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